Ded Na Si Lolo
Topics: Family, Superstition, Luck, Death, Sibling / Pages: 4 (953 words) / Published: Mar 12th, 2011

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DED NA SI LOLO To exercise our sociological imagination, we had a film viewing of the indie film “Ded Na Si Lolo” by director Soxie Topacio last 8 July 2010. This film was all about a family who lost an important loved one—their father. Charing, one of the main characters, is one of the children. One morning while she and her family were preparing for a new day, a family member came to their house and told her that her father is already dead. She was shocked and she responded by fainting. She gained consciousness by smelling ammonia. After hearing the news, she brought her son and went to their family house where her sister and father lived. When she got there, she saw the house being fixed for the wake. When her sister, Mameng, arrived, they both cried and then fainted at the same time. They regained consciousness by smelling ammonia again. After the drama, they helped in preparing for the wake. After how many hours, their two other siblings, Dolores and Syano, arrived also at the family house. The three girls grieved then fainted again. After all the drama, the body of their father arrived and they started the one-week wake. Charing was offered by the barangay captain that the wake should last for two weeks so as to collect more money from the “pasugalan”. At first the others did not agree but after some time they accepted the offer. During the wake, they followed many superstitious beliefs. Also, the siblings had a conflict, particularly Dolores and Mameng. Dolores hated and envied Mameng because she was loved by her father the most. We can see that even after their father died, there was still conflict between the siblings because of envy. The siblings also discovered that their father had another family and that they were not the legitimate family. Only the eldest brother knew this and eventually the sisters accepted it. After two weeks, the wake was done and they transferred the dead to

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