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Figure 1: Decision Support Systems. Retrieved from INTRODUCTION
Decision Support System (DSS) is a computer based system which uses analytical models, specialized databases and aids the decision makers in making complex decisions in an organization. In the old days, a group of professional people in a company used to consider various factors and variables while taking a complex decision. This herculean task has now been made easy with the introduction of various DSS tools. These tools help the decision makers in making a right decision. However, the final choice of taking the decision remains with the assigned decision maker. Most of the organizations now-a-days use DSS tools so as to speed up the decision making process which eventually help in the growth and development of their business. COMPONENTS OF DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS

A typical Decision Support Systems mainly consists of four components: Data Management Component): Data Management component contains the necessary and relevant databases required for the functioning and storing of information using the Data Management System (DBMS) software. The data might consist of internal or external databases. Model Management Component: This component is composed of the various model used for analyzing the financial status, management science or designing facility of an organization. User Interface Component: User Interface System provides a graphical interface to the users so that the decision makers can interact with the computer and a near to perfect decision can be reached. It is the part where when can enter commands and information to the system. Knowledge Management Component: This component is the knowledge base of an organization which provides information among the complex data in the system. This is an optional component but is very useful in aiding the above first three components. DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM CLASSIFICATIONS

Decision Support Systems can be classified in different ways. Holsapple and Whinston classified DSS as follows: Text Oriented DSS: It consists of the information that is available textually. It helps the decision makers by providing knowledge via different forms of documents. Database Oriented DSS: This type of DSS contains well-constructed and organized data. Spreadsheet Oriented DSS: In this DSS, information is contained in spreadsheets which provide the facility of creating, viewing and modifying the data. Excel is the best example of such a DSS. Solver Oriented DSS: Solver is an algorithm which performs certain calculations and is the basis of this Solver Oriented DSS Rule Oriented Database: This consists of certain rules which based on which a decision is given to the user. Compound DSS: It is built by incorporating more than one of the five structures stated above. ABSTRACT

My research I based on the article named “Expert ExpertChoice© Decision Support System Implementation for Vehicle Selection in a Colombian Shipyard”, published by “National University of Columbia” on February 29th, 2012, written by “Zapata Cortes, Julian Andres, Arango Serna, Martin Dario, Moreno Martinez and Sandra Patricia”. This article provides an insight into a Decision Support System application, named as Expertchoice©, which is used for the selection of vehicles in Colombian Shipyard. The main topics of discussion in this article are the description of such DSS, availability of such DSS in the market, the context of the application with the problem or situation and the effective results of applying such a DSS application.

According to the article, there are three types of DSSs:
Passive Decision Support Systems only collects and formulate data and transmit it to the authorized person responsible for making decisions but do not come up with a final judgment. Active Support Systems collects the data and provide many...
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