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Topics: Drug addiction, Victimless crime, Sovereign state Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: January 18, 2012
July 13, 2007
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Today our resolution is legalization of drugs does not damage society. We are on the negative group strongly against this resolution. Let’s look at the important points.

The affirmative team had four points: personal behavior, price, safety and management. Their first point is personal behavior. They said that everyone has the right to choose his or her own lifestyle. It’s true. But one’s own choice should be based on social morality and within limits. If anyone just goes straight to do what they want, the society even the whole world will be out of control. The affirmative team didn’t consider this undeniable principle. In addition, taking drugs is not a good way to relax and entertain. Their second point is price. They said that if drug was legislated by the government, the black-markets will disappear. It’s not necessarily true that the black-markets will disappear. Because many markets legalized still have black markets out of the government’s reach. They also said that the government would lower the price of drugs so that drug users will not be forced to do criminals in order to get the money for drugs. First, the government might lower the price but the degree will be limited, for the costs of drugs are still high and expensive. It remains a money problem for the drug users. So it’s not true that legalization of drugs will decrease criminals. Second, the lower the price is, the more drug users are. Their third point is safety. They said that the pure heroin do very little harm to human body. It’s not true. Because no matter how pure the heroin is, it still does harm to human body for is a kind of medicine that has effect on human body. Not only that, drugs may cause both mental and physical disease, like cancer. Their fourth point is management. They said that drug users increased year by year is because of the action of forbidding drugs. Actually, it’s the opposite. America is one of the countries who has...
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