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deadly actions

By hanna_32 Feb 27, 2014 1072 Words

Deadly Actions
People tend to live their lives without thinking of the consequences that could come from their actions. Most of the time, people do not even realize that what they are doing is wrong until after it has already been done. Nonetheless, there are always repercussions when partaking in something wrong. Religious people refer to these wrongdoings as sins. There are numerous sins; however, the Bible specifies seven sins that are especially deadly. These deadly sins consist of pride, lust, greed, sloth, envy, gluttony, and wrath. These words may have a religious meaning but should still be avoided even if a person is not religious; although, that is rarely the case. It is undeniable that a number of people, if not all, commit these sins frequently because of the materialistic temptations that society faces them with daily. Due to today’s materialistic society, people tend to put aside their morals and willingly succumb to several of the seven deadly sins. Businesses thrive off of envy. Every day, thousands of commercials are aired and it is well known that these commercials are meant to persuade people into buying products whether or not they are necessary. For the most part, these commercials work. Numerous people would agree that at least once a day they want or rather feel that they need to buy what they have just seen on TV. For instance, companies that produce the latest trendy technology appeal to their potential buyers by airing commercials that put down the people who do not have their products. They make non buyers feel silly while glorifying their products along with the people who have them. Cosmetic companies advertise their products in a similar way. They find beautiful women to wear their makeup and praise what it has done for them, which subtlety leaves the message that without their makeup, a woman cannot be attractive. Ultimately, these commercials cause envy. Not everyone can afford to keep up with the rapidly changing trends, and since these companies brainwash people into thinking that without their products they will not be considered cool or pretty, they become envious of the people who have the materialistic items that they do not. Envy has become overly accepted in this society. The majority of people do not realize how much envy has become a part of society because they are constantly being influenced by it and therefore are much more inclined to accept it. As a result of envy, people have become lustful. Since for the most part every company uses envy to influence people into buying their products, it has resulted in people striving to have the best and most luxurious items. Companies are constantly coming out with new products which lead people into thinking that the last item they bought from that company is no longer trendy. For example, new lines of clothes are always making their way into the latest stylish stores. There are several people that will only wear their clothes a few times before they get tired of them and decide to buy new ones. There are also people who feel the need to buy a new car every year even though there is nothing wrong with their current one. The same goes with other luxurious items such as TVs, kitchen appliances, sofas, and further home décor. There are several commercials that even try to persuade consumers to buy new furniture just because there is no or a very low interest rate. It does not make any sense and is extremely unethical to keep wasting money on newer products but people continue to anyways despite having no justifiable reason. Due to lust, people have become wasteful as well as ungrateful, and yet it is still largely considered acceptable for people to believe that having luxurious items is necessary for living. Since lust has been exercised by numerous people in society, it is now deemed as permissible. It can definitely be argued that the companies who use envy— which coincides with lust— to their advantage are greedy. There is no need to constantly come out with a new product every couple of months even though the last product was earning the company a considerably large profit. Companies that try to monopolize other businesses are the epitome of greediness. In the past, people would work just enough so that they could afford food, a house, a car, and perhaps a few luxurious items; however, it seems that society is becoming more and more greedy. People can never be happy with what they have and as a result are constantly striving for more. The majority of the time they will do whatever it takes to get what they want. This is the way that several companies operate. Unfortunately, if one company sees that another is successful due to their greedy ways then they are going to adopt their methods and accept that it is the only way to flourish. For the most part, society knows that companies can be ruthless and greedy but because of the envy and lust that people contain, they put aside their better judgment and still continue to buy their products anyways. Since consumers knowingly buy their favorite (but arguably unnecessary) products from greedy companies, they ultimately accept greed as a normal part of society. These deadly sins have caused society to lose sight of what is actually important. Today, people tend to value their luxurious items above all else. Even when people do not have lavish items they are lusting after them while seething with envy over the people who do. People have also become greedy which has further resulted in letting materialism take over their lives. Society has brainwashed people into thinking that envy, lust, and greed will lead to a happier, more meaningful life, when in reality each of these sins contribute to the corruption of their lives. Materialism just ends up causing people to waste money that could be of better use. Since the majority of people have been able to easily accept and participate in envy, lust, and greed, it has become evident that society as a whole has begun to disregard their morals. If people continue to readily give in to these sins then there is no telling how society will end up. It is important that people realize the dire state humanity is in before it becomes acceptable to integrate all seven deadly sins into daily life.

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