Dead Poets Society

Topics: Steve Jobs, Leadership, Dead Poets Society Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: September 20, 2008
1. Compare and contrast the leadership styles of Mr. Keating and Mr. Nolan.
Mr. Keating’s leadership style is supportive because he shows concern for his students well being and needs. He has a charismatic attribute which helps inspire some emotion and passion in his classroom which is a big change of character that Welton Academy students are used to.

Mr. Nolan has more of a directive leadership style because he has strict guidelines that he wants to teachers and student to abide by. He has a lot of power being the Headmaster of Welton, and he is always trying to control behavior so that rules are always being followed. Everyone in the school knows better than to mess with Mr. Nolan. 2. Is Mr. Keating successful as a leader?

Mr. Keating is very successful as a leader for many reasons. He has a different style of teaching and encourages his students to be free thinkers and shows them a new way to look at life. Carpe Diem was a main theme throughout the movie and was very positive for his students. He pushed for diversity and change making sure that his class was different and one that the students would look forward to. Mr. Keating also has many traits of a leader such as intelligence, sense of humor, enthusiasm and insightfulness. His true characteristic that really stands out is his charisma. When the students began standing up on their desks in front of Mr. Nolan, undermining his authority while saying “Captain, Oh Captain,” solidified Mr. Keating’s success as a leader. 3. Is Mr. Welton a successful leader for Welton Academy?

Mr. Welton has the characteristics of a job centered leader. He supervises the school closely, provides instructions, and is always checking up on performance. He reacts in a punitive manner towards both the students and the teachers. This style, however, is not exactly a successful one. He does not have any consideration for his student and does not take into account anyone’s opinion. The school seems to have...
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