DBQ French and Indian war

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The New England colonies had many different types of migrants that traveled there. Many families with kids, mostly all under the age of 10 years migrated to the New England colonies (Document B). People mainly traveled to New England because of the large amount of landmigrants recieved no matter of their social rank. The right to practice any religion was a huge pull factor to the New England colonies. New England was destined to be a perfect society for all the world to look up to (Document A). They were more focused on religious freedom than the Chesapeake region. Puritans wanted freedom from persecution in England and the amount of puritans who settled in New England was mass because of the discontent they had with the church of England and sought religious, moral and societal reforms. This also explains why the New England migrants were less concerned with relations with England than the Chesapeake region migrants were because of the trade relations the southern regions needed with England to continue to keep succeeding in farming. In the Chesapeake colonies many single men that were younger than 25 migrated over to Virginia (Document C). The rich soil brought many farming and agricultural jobs to that area that drew the younger, more fit population to settle in Virginia region. This area was not a family-friendly area because of the vast amount of wars and land to defend going on between the Indians, and the Dutch (Document G). The main pull factor to the southern colonies was the large cash profit from the harsh labor that nobody else was willing to do. This explains why the more work vulnerable young men that were looking for quick cash migrated to this region because of the rich soil and fair climate to grow crops that were much wanted throughout England, New England and middle colonies. Crops that were a huge profit in the seventeenth century included tobacco and rice that flourished in the Chesapeake region.

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