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Case 1
How general Motors is collaborating online
1)For any Car manufacturing industries needs to go through a frontal crash test. General Motors had also builds prototypes which cost around million dollars for each car and test how they react to frontal crash.GM crashes these cars, makes improvements, then make new prototypes and crashes them again. By these crashes GM gets many information for their new design and test results, which they have to share it among around 20000 designers and engineers located in hundreds of divisions and department at 14 design labs, some of them situated in different countries. Communication and collaboration is needed with design engineers of more than 1000 key vendors (suppliers. They had solved the design process and increased its cost. This is the main reason to get a new Car model to the market. 2)General Motors had done the collaboration with suppliers. With the help of CAD program from EDS known as Unigraphics, allows 3-d design documents to be shared online by both the Internal and External designers and engineers, they are hooked up with the EDS software, in addition collaborative and web-conferencing software tools. Including MS netmeeting and EDS’s eVis. For an example needed cost reduction of a new seat frame made by Johnson control GM sends its specification for the seat to vendor’s product data system. Supplier’s eMatrix system is integrated with EDS’s in graphics. This integration allows joint searching, designing, tooling and testing of the seat frame in real time. 3)By using IT, any organization can reduce and cut-down the cost for some physical testing like Car model prototype and its crash test, new design development and after production effects etc... For this case study of GM they have to build several prototypes, doing crash test. Getting information and again do the same after improvement. The information sharing to all the designers and engineers located in varies countries and also to the key...
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