Daycare Industry Analysis

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In-Home Daycare Outlook
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February 23, 2011

In-Home Daycare Outlook
The era of mothers staying at home with young children while dad was out working being the norm are gone for good. The fiscal practicality of a single income family is ever shrinking in our society. Even most men no longer have the dream of a white picket fence, two kids and dinner on the table when they get home from the office. Furthermore most women are no longer content to be the chief cook and bottle washer as in past generations. Let’s take a look at the forces affecting the evolution of childcare.

More and more parents are making informed decisions about the care of small children while they are at work or school. Interviewing multiple daycare providers and dropping in unannounced to check things out before committing to hire daycare is now commonplace. This is causing daycare providers to increase the quality of care.. As parents become better informed they are no longer content for their child to be babysat by the television. A successful provider must be prepared to give examples of how a typical day for their child is structured. Public schools now expect children to have more skills conquered when they enter kindergarten. Such skills as knowing the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors are now taught pre-kindergarten. Parents now look for daycare that functions more like preschool than ever before.

Technology is continuing to be a tool that daycare providers can use to attract and maintain clients. An effective way to advertise is still putting up an eye-catching yard sign. Colorful brochures inform parents about the attributes of a particular daycare. However, successful daycares are looking to get their name out there to a larger audience. Our society is becoming more mobile. As a consequence increasing numbers of parents may be new to a city and cannot rely on word of mouth or family experience in looking for quality...
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