Dawn of the Dead: A Review

Topics: Night of the Living Dead, George A. Romero, Man Pages: 3 (1074 words) Published: November 19, 2013
Writers Craft Essay BY: C. Phillpotts Dawn of the Dead

In the movie “Dawn of the Dead” there are four main characters Fran, Steve, Roger and Peter. This movie is a very over the top, gory, supernatural film created by George A. Romero. Zombies start to take over the world and whet they crave is human flesh. “Dawn of the Dead” is not like any other zombie films, it puts the watchers of this movie in the place of the characters played in this movie. The sudden question that hovers over anyone’s mind during this movie is “What would I do?” during this zombie apocalypse that the people are facing throughout this movie three main factors stand out whether feminism is an issue, how social values stand and whether the news media still stand strong in this abnormal predicament.

In “Dawn of the Dead” there is one main female character, actually only one female character is shown throughout this whole film, her name is Fran. Fran starts out like a typical damsel in distressed women who has a man to protect her throughout the movie. At first the movie shows us her first reaction when a zombie is approaching her, she is stunned, and has no clue what to do, so Steve has to come save her, of course. Soon enough Fran and Steve get into Steve’s helicopter; she is sitting in the back with a black gentleman while Steve’s friend sits beside him in the front. They all arrive to a mall where they “set up camp” and Fran is left alone in a room by herself while Steve and the two other gentlemen go and fight off all the zombies in the mall. Not long after a zombie makes its way to the hideout in which Fran is located, she was forced to defend herself against the zombie with no weapons excepts her will to survive, and she fought her hardest then the men came and finished the job, after that ordeal things needed to change...
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