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Topics: David Beckham, Manchester United F.C., England national football team Pages: 1 (656 words) Published: November 1, 2014

Name I. Introduction (Do this AFTER you decide on your main points) II. Thesis He is one of the best hard working soccer players known till this day, he motivated his teammates and supported different charities. His name is David Robert Joseph Beckham Transition: Beckham was born in London on May 2, 1975, he started his professional career with Manchester city at age 17’ his main position was midfielder. He also played for Preston North End, Real Madrid, Milan, Los Angeles Galaxy, Paris Saint-Germaine, and the England national team for which he holds the appearance record for an outfield player. He was the first English player that won four different tittles in four different countries England, Spain, France and United States. III. Main Points

1. (explain/define) David Beckham was a hard working soccer player according to the Former England manager Steve McClaren "He made the very most of his talents through sheer hard work and professionalism and always doing extra work on the training field. Beckham always left everything on the field he never gave up during his 20 year carrier. The same coach also said "My lasting memory of David Beckham is him continuously being the last off the training pitch and always practicing those trademark free-kicks." Beckham was known for his brilliant free kicks, In all the different teams he used to be the main free kick taker because he always curved the ball and that tricked the goalkeeper.

Transition: They even made a sain for this For example when someone is going to shoot a free kick in a soccer game they say bent it like beckham. B
1. (explain/define) Beckham was also best known for motivating his teammates and young soccer players. Gary Neville - former Manchester United and England team-mate said 'David was different - he was a crosser of the ball, a passer of the ball, he was a joy to play with... He has probably been the most influential player out of England in transforming football. The impact he has had...

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