Darwin & The Theory of Natural Selection

Topics: Evolution, Charles Darwin, Natural selection Pages: 3 (874 words) Published: January 8, 2014

When leading scientific theories and concepts somehow manage to find a way to your dinner table and become the subject of discussion while you much down on beef and boiled broccoli, there’s a chance you might have nothing to add to the conversation. And after hearing comments and arguments made by the rest of your company or family members, you would have wished you had a proposal to make. There are many breakthroughs that one could call upon, but there is one theory that has altered the way the human race thinks about how life had come about, and the changes millions of species around the world have made in the past to get to where they are today. The idea of simple organisms migrating, dying off, adapting, thriving and changing to fit their needs of survival was unheard of, or solely disregarded, for it was not supported by many or misunderstood. That is, until one man, Charles Darwin and his evolutionary theory of natural selection was presented for the world to take into consideration. He provided mass amounts of evidence after traveling to the Galapagos Islands for research to support his ideas and eventually, his fundamental proposals would forever change the world of science, anthropology, philosophy, and faith.

To begin, Darwin tells us that every species (within populations) contains variation; they exhibit different physical features and/or behaviours from one another. Some examples include body size, voice properties, and numbers of offspring. These abbreviations can range from extreme shifts to minor alterations, and could also be beneficial or harmful. Changes in a species can occur due to environmental factors, such as weather in a certain location, prey and predator situations (camouflage or "blending in" with surroundings), or the simple day to day functions, like eating or drinking. During his stay on the islands, Darwin studied Galapagos finches (a native bird of the area) and observed their diverse beak structures. These varied beaks...
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