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Topics: Bacteria, Eukaryote, Organelle Pages: 6 (1079 words) Published: May 6, 2013

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  Q.1)| What must cells do in order to survive?|
 | |
 | A.| obtain and process energy|
 | B.| convert genetic information into proteins|
 | C.| keep certain biochemical reactions separate from one another|  | D.| both a & b|
 | E.| all of above (Your Answer)|
Incorrect| | |
  Q.2)| The surface area-to-volume ratio of an object can be decreased by:|  | |
 | A.| cutting it into smaller pieces|
 | B.| flattening it|
 | C.| stretching it|
 | D.| making it sperical (Correct Answer)|
 | E.| all of the above (Your Answer)|
Incorrect| | |
  Q.3)| Members of the domains Bacteria and Archaea: |
 | |
 | A.| have nuclei|
 | B.| have chloroplasts|
 | C.| are multicellular (Your Answer)|
 | D.| are prokaryotes (Correct Answer)|
 | E.| have flagella|
Incorrect| | |
  Q.4)| Which of the following is not a characteristic of a prokaryotic cell?|  | |
 | A.| A plasma membrane (Your Answer)|
 | B.| A nuclear envelope (Correct Answer)|
 | C.| A nucleoid|
 | D.| Ribosomes|
 | E.| Enzymes|
Incorrect| | |
  Q.5)| Which of the following is (are) found in prokaryotic cells?|  | |
 | A.| Mitochondria (Your Answer)|
 | B.| Chloroplasts|
 | C.| Nuclear membrane|
 | D.| Ribosomes (Correct Answer)|
 | E.| Endoplasmic reticulum|
Incorrect| | |
  Q.6)| what is the major distinction between a prokaryotic and a eukaryotic cell?|  | |
 | A.| a prokaryotic cell does not have a nucleus, whereas a eukaryotic cell does(Correct Answer)|  | B.| a prokaryotic cell does not have DNA, whereas a eukaryotic cell does|  | C.| a prokaryotic cell is smaller than a eukaryotic cell|  | D.| prokaryotic cells have not prospered, whereas eukaryotic cells are evolutionary "successes" (Your Answer)|  | E.| a prokaryotic cell cannot obtain energy from its environment| Correct| | |

  Q.7)| A prokaryotic cell does not have a _____ or _____|  | |
 | A.| nucleus; organelles (Your Answer)|
 | B.| nucleus; DNA|
 | C.| nucleus; ribosomes|
 | D.| nucleus; membranes|
 | E.| cell wall; membranes|
Incorrect| | |
  Q.8)| How does the surface area-to-volume ratio of a 1-mm cube compare to the surface area-to-volume ratio of a 3-mm cube?|  | |
 | A.| the 3 mm cube has a higher ratio|
 | B.| the ratio increases as the cube becomes larger (Your Answer)|  | C.| increasing the volume increases the ratio|
 | D.| the ratio decreases as the cube becomes larger (Correct Answer)|  | E.| the ratio does not change|
Incorrect| | |
  Q.9)| you would not expect to find RNA in which of the following structures?|  | |
 | A.| nucleus|
 | B.| mitochondrion (Your Answer)|
 | C.| vacuole (Correct Answer)|
 | D.| ribosome|
 | E.| prokaryotic cell|
Incorrect| | |
  Q.10)| The DNA of prokaryotic cells is found in the |
 | |
 | A.| plasma membrane|
 | B.| nucleus|
 | C.| ribosome (Your Answer)|
 | D.| nucleoid region (Correct Answer)|
 | E.| mitochondria|
Incorrect| | |
  Q.11)| ribosomes are not visible under a light microscope, but they can be seen with an electron microscope because:|  | |
 | A.| electron beams have more energy than light beams|  | B.| electron microscopes focus light with magnets (Your Answer)|  | C.| electron microscopes have more resolving power than light microscopes (Correct Answer)|  | D.| electrons have such high energy that they pass through biological samples|  | E.| living cells can be observed under...
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