Daily Routine Then and Now

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Appendix E

Create-A- Diet

This activity demonstrates how to select a healthful food regime. Go to www.nhlbi.nih.gov/cgi-bin/chd/diet.cgi to begin the activity. Select foods from a variety of choices and then review a report on how closely you were able to match your intake goals for saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, and calories.

After analyzing the nutritional value of your typical daily diet, describe the areas in which you need improvement by answering the questions below.

1. Is your fat intake too high? My fat intake is high, total fat is 49.5 of total calories the recommendation or goal is 25% to 35%. My saturated fat 15.5% of total calories recommendation or goal is less than 10%.

2. Is your overall calorie intake too high or too low? Yes my calorie intake is too high, my intake is 2973 when it should be 1916.

3. What are the steps you could take to improve your diet? I should eat more vegetables because I don’t eat any. Milk recommendation is 110% 3 cups , and meat and beans 378% 5.5 oz. equivalent, vegetables 36%, fruits 50%2 cups equivalent, grains 92% 6 oz. equivalent is recommended for my diet.

Your Pyramid Stats
|Milk Intake   |[pic]  3.3 cup equivalent | |Milk Recommendation   |[pic]  3 cup equivalent | |  | |Meat and Beans Intake   |[pic]  20.8 oz equivalent |...
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