Daily Hassles

Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: May 2, 2010
In this paper I will go over my results to the daily hassle self-assessment results and the many factors that have affected my stress. I will also explain ways to lessen the stress and promote my psychological and physical health. After comparing my total hassle score with the given relative hassle scores I learned that in relation to other college students I have a little over the average amount of stress. There are many stress factors in my life that were not shown on the self-assessment such as my husband is overseas in Afghanistan. That event all in itself causes a lot of my stress.

One event that has high frequency of occurrence in my life is the appearance of me. I seem to pick out every little thing about myself that is unattractive in my eyes. The biggest thing I believe I can do to lessen this is start attending the gym and eating better. I have already started to do both. I am slowly building my confidence back and self-esteem. I also believe it would be good for me to start listening to what others say about me. Many people say that I am beautiful and I always assume they are just saying that.

Unhealthy foods are one of the several hassle events that received a score of at least 2. There are many biological, psychological and social impacts. I seem to be caught up on time or just not wanting to cook so it seems easier to grab something unhealthy. My whole life I was raised eating whatever was available and I believe that has had an effect on the way I choose what to eat. I seem to think of what is convenient at the time then later realize that it good be affecting my health.

Another hassle event that scored at least 2 on frequency and has many impacts was future plans. I stress about my future plans because I look at my family who are all lower class and struggling every day to make it. They have no money and often have to choose what bills to pay and which to put off. Watching them live that way makes me want to better myself. I think to...
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