Cypop 14

Topics: Human development, Emotion Pages: 2 (374 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Support children to have positive relationships

There are a variety of relationships children can develop;
·Other family members (Grandparents/ cousins)
·Other children (friends)
·Childcare Proffesionals ( Playgroup leaders/ Childminders) ·Doctors/Dentists
·Proffesional agencies if needed ( speech, emotional support)

Positive relationships are extremely important in helping a childs development as they are made to feel more secure and stable in their environment they will feel more trusting towards others and it will help build their confidence and self esteem which will enable them to fee lmore comfortable in trying new activities which will lead into learning more skills and acheiving their full potentional. Positive relationships will help the child to cope better with transitions and changes if they have people they can trust and feel loved around them. Overall a child will be happier and have a better chance of developing and achieving new things when they have positive relationships with people both in and out of the setting. The child will be less likely to show unwanted behaviour. If a child has a posiive relationship with there practitioner they will feel more comfortable to talk to them which will also help their language development and will help the practitoner to gain more information such as likes and interests to help the child develop using activities they enjoy.

If a child is having to have supervised or restricted contact with their parents or other people close to them they may become angry and frustrated that they cannot see the person as muchas they like which may result into unwanted behaviour such as aggression. The child may become withdrawn from others and unable to maintain relationships with their friends and other people in the setting which could stunt the childs develpment. The child may feel unloved by the person they have restricted access to and mey feel like they have done...
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