CYP Core 3.4

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CYP Core 3.4 – Task 1: Support Children and Young People’s Health and Safety.
1.1 – Describe the factors to take into account when planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor environments and services.
When planning an activity, whether it is indoors or outdoors you should take into account the needs and requirements of the children and young people in your care. The environment where your activity is being held should meet these needs and requirements, such as in an outdoor activity, with the use of a climbing frame, then you should make sure the climbing frame is dry to prevent small children from falling over, also that if a child does fall off the climbing frame, they have something to cushion their fall on the ground. Also in an outdoor area, the use of gates and fences to enclose the area where activities are taking place, the gate should be locked at the lock should be at a height where children cannot reach it, this will prevent children from being able to escape and also stop unauthorised adults from coming in and having contacts with the children/young people. In an inside environment, you will need to make sure that the equipment indoors is also safe and these is also soft flooring so that children have the safety of knowing that they are protected if they do fall over. If the venue does not meet the needs then it either needs to be altered so that it does fit or another venue should be used, and before all activities take place, a risk assessment should be done so that the risks and hazards are made aware to the staff.
You will also need to take into account the specific needs of the children and young people; they may have sensory impairments, learning difficulties, disabilities, pregnancy or may need the aid of a wheelchair or carer. They made need an interpreter, space for a wheelchair or a carer, the service will have to be able to adapt to that.

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