'Cute, Quaint, Romantic' By Jean Baudrillard

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Evolution of consumerism has been discussed by different authors, I have come across two writers who have different ideas, however they both share the same critical yet sophisticated way of thinking about consumers society. “Cute, quaint, romantic” by Daniel Harris and “consumer society” by Jean Baudrillard are 2 books taking about the reasons behind people purchasing goods and the objectivity of the product to a person. The two believe that consumers are being deceived in many different ways under the title of utility, they are manipulated by objects not by the utility. Although they have dissimilar ways to describe the theory, they both think that manufacturers and marketers are displacing a system to fool people to buy products.


He started to pick up products from the market that are always sold for the aesthetics of cuteness, innocence or attractiveness. He had a vision that although those products may be physically appealing they actually involve sad emotions, they are linked to grotesque, deform, unhappiness and helplessness, they even represent aesthetics of sleepiness and docile. They are not created with an aim to drive emotions of contentment, but of pity and seduction. The aesthetics of cuteness is now converted to aesthetics of sympathy, marketers are trying to play with the fragile part of people’s emotions. Baudrillard even states that objects were created not to satisfy a person’s needs or demands, but to give an ambiance of fullness and overabundance which is...

The hypocrisy of advertisements has been fooling people around the idea of “more connection to nature”, although at the same time they are increasing the gap between us and nature. They are creating cars to connect us more with desserts and landscapes, however the roads cars created for cars to are actually torture to nature. They are using tools to deceive us into the idea of no harm is done to the environment by buying these products and it is as far from the truth as it could...
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