Customer Service Strategies for the Retail Banking Industry

Topics: Bank, Banking, Retail banking Pages: 1 (265 words) Published: April 25, 2012
In the face of slowing industry growth and new competition, today’s retail banks are under tremendous pressure to grow organically. With formidable competition from both traditional brick and mortar operations and emerging Internet banks, a large number of banks are having trouble meeting performance expectations because they are unable to differentiate their business, reach customers likely to respond to new sales opportunities or make the most of their valued staff.

Banks that define and implement solutions to these challenges are those that will successfully compete and thrive into the future. This paper examines the strategic role of the contact center in retail banking, and how it can deliver the increased revenues and cost savings that will drive profitability and shareholder value.

The paper introduces ten essential strategies you can use to realize this potential by improving the customer experience, leveraging cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and promoting agent productivity and satisfaction:

• Facilitate Integrated and Consistent Interactions Across All Channels • Offer an Inviting “Customer Front Door”
• Integrate Self-Service with Agent Assistance
• Handle Calls More Intelligently
• Initiate Proactive Contact
• Make More Effective Use of Customer Data and Segmentation • Use Inbound Marketing to Reach Customers Outside the Branch • Leverage Demographic Profiling to Establish Customer Intimacy • Create a Winning Team Effort with Contact Center Virtualization • Boost the Productivity of Your Agents through Interaction Blending This paper further explains how the Genesys Dynamic Contact Center provides integrated communication technologies to optimize customer traffic, internal resources and business outcomes for today’s changing conditions. It concludes with a real-world customer case study that illustrates how the Bank o
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