Customer Perceived Value

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StarBucks Cofee: Starbucks coffee successfully changed the perceived value for a coffee and people agreed to pay a higher cost for the same coffee they get in other places. Some of the benefits customers get at startbucs coffee are

Wide range of variety
Mix and match of the different flavours
Custom flavor of the coffee
Store ambiance and customer service
range of related product
Free internet service for the customers
Comfortable seating and cozy ambiance
Most importantly the availability of the coffee shop – Startbucks coffee shops are conveniently available to customers. This strategy eliminates lot of the alternatives customer might think of before agreeing to the higher perceived value for the startbucks product.

Aveda Shampoo: Aveda products are expensive compared to their customers. Customers pay the higher price for Aveda products because of following

Showing Attitude of greater environmental and social responsibility. Showing the ecological awareness
“Green” ingredients policy – Renewable, Sustainable, organic, plant based ingredients. Non petroleum mineral ingredients in products.

Consumers with certain lifestyle consider the benefits and elevates the customer perceived value for the product.

BMW Car: The core Brand value of BMW is quality. It is often expressed through image of performance, advanced technology and exclusivity of the product. Although the driving experience of BMW car and car from other manufacturer with low perceived value could be same, customers prefer BMW at a higher price due to the luxury and status value of the product. Considering the tough times in automobile industry, BMW has had been a very good performer in terms of higher customer value for new as well as used automobile sector.
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