curse of the pharaohs

Topics: Ancient Egypt / Pages: 8 (1963 words) / Published: Dec 9th, 2013
Here as we know it we are not the first generation of people to roam the earth as it is today. In History many decades ago there were many different cultures and diverse ethnic groups which Earth’s population derives from this day. Egyptian way of civilization is the most questionable, with a more complex way of life many superstitions lie within and beneath the colossal pyramids. Egypt’s historical monuments that still remain with us today are one of the several wonders of the ancient world. Life for the ancient Egyptians relied mostly on the river banks of the Nile, attracting plants, animals, and people. The water was believed as a gift from god providing its nourishment for the kingdom with its growth for vegetation and natural resources. Pharaohs represented the sun with a signification of a birthing cycle which entailed birth, death, and then rebirth. In the book the Building the Great Pyramids it explains the concept of the Egyptian afterlife. The judgment of one’s present earthly life depended upon if they were to have a happy life after death of immortality. The actions of the man’s deeds such as rituals performed by praising the sun predicted if they were to join the gods which were once known to be pharaohs. “I spoke maat, I did maat.” 93 Egyptians practiced preserving the dead and dissecting the organs putting them into jars as if they were needed for another use to the deceased after earthly life. Essentials for the afterlife included food, clothing, jewels and other objects indicating regal status inside the pyramids.
Daily life in ancient Egypt revolved around religion. The land was filled with temples. All families had to help with the pyramids. They could work as laborers or bring food for the workers. Hieroglyphics, ancient Egyptian picture writing, helped project leaders keep track of workers and supplies. Building pyramids was hard because there were no cutting tools or machines. The work was important, though. The people believed that

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