Culture Shock

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What is culture shock?
A physical or emotional discomfort or anxiety that one suffers when coming to live in another country or a place that is different from the place of origin.

The Symptoms
* Loneliness, melancholy, sadness
* Loss of Identity
* Lack of confidence
* Longing for family
* Developing stereotypes about the new culture
* Anger, irritability, unwillingness to interact with others * Aches, pain, and allergies
* Feeling depressed, vulnerable, and powerless
* Insomnia
* Feeling lost
The Four Stages of Culture Shock
Honeymoon Stage
* Person is excited and a experiencing a new lifestyle
* Everything goes by smoothly
* Duration: Could last up to 6 months or longer
Emptiness or Rejection Stage
* Dealing with problems such as transportation, different foods, communication, etc. * Feeling alienated by the host country
* Complaints about the host country may arise
* Individual can use to find comfort with the host country or simply go back to the country of origin Conformist Phase
* Gaining more understanding of the new culture
* Feeling a sense of humor and pleasure about host country * The newcomer is approximately 90% adjusted
Assimilation Phase
* Acceptance of food, habits, drinks, and the customs of the host country * Realization that there are different lifestyles
* A feeling of comfort
* Not everyone will experience all of the phases in the sequential order. * It is normal to experience culture shock. It is also normal to experience as few as one stage or as many as all four phase. Tips for Minimizing or Fighting Culture Shock

* Recognize Accept Focus
* Don’t forget the good things that you’ve accomplished * There are always resources for you to take advantage of * Ask for help if you need to do so
* Exercise, swim, do aerobics, etc.
* Be patient and constructive
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