Culture of Transgender People as Sex Workers: A World Inside a World

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Culture of transgender as sex worker: a world inside a world

Gender is often confused with sex. Sex generally refers to anatomy and biology whereas gender refers to qualities and behaviours society expects from a female or a male. These roles are learned, change over time and vary enormously across and within cultures[1]. There are not too many people in the world who can say they’ve been both a mother and a father. But Jennifer Finney Boylan, née James Boylan, can (Beth Greenfield 2012)[2]. What this is called a matter of sex and gender which based on biological and social role division. However, one who wants to change their sex or role took step towards notion of transgender. Transgendered people are individuals of any age or sex whose appearance, personal characteristics, or behaviors differ from stereotypes about how men and women are “supposed” to be (Jamison Green)[3]. While people self-identify as transgender, the transgender identity umbrella includes sometimes-overlapping categories. These include transsexual; transvestite or cross dresser; gender queer; androgyne; and bigender[4]. In most of the part of the world we have not much statistical data which indicates accurate or estimated population of the transgender. However, an estimated 3.5% of adults in the United States identify as lesbian, gay, or bisexual and an estimated 0.3% of adults are transgender (Gary J. Gates, Williams - April 2011)[5]. While, it is estimated that .2 to .4 percent of the world population can be transsexual or transgender. Since two to three decades researcher have been focusing on transgender lives with reference to the various aspects. Most of the places around the world transgender have not faced normal attitude from the society and they have less space with in their culture. They really face challenges to form their self-identity against that identity which they have since their birth and acquired in society on the basis of gender roles. Transgendered people bear the brunt of society's homophobia, even though many identify as heterosexual. Indeed, it could be said that homophobia is really transphobia, the sphere of the stereotype, the limp wrist, "feminine" male. Because of the social factors, many transgendered women turn to prostitution and other types of sex work to survive (Christine Beatty, 1994)[6]. Background:

In our culture transgendered people face numerous obstacles to employment, housing, health care and schooling, because of societal prejudice against them. Doctors, operate on the brain, heart, or any other organ, and people do not blink an eye, but if one operates on the genitals people suddenly become very upset (Christine Beatty, 1994)[7]. Nizamani, whose US-based organization is actively engaged in promoting safer sex practices among homosexuals and male sex workers in Pakistan, they reported about 50,000 male prostitutes (Eliezer F. Wangulu ), 136,000 female sex workers (NCPA 2009) and estimated numbers of Hijras were reported 14 725 from mapping of 12 cities in Pakistan, 2007 ( F. Emmanuel et al ). In the Pakistan, men who engage in these activities may not think of themselves as homosexual or even MSM, and would choose to have sex with a woman in many other situations. Different behaviors and identities need to be taken into consideration when developing and implementing sexual and reproductive health for MSM (Eliezer F. Wangulu 2009) same was found for the khusras as most of MSM goes ‘home’ regularly, where they take on expected male gender roles as provider, son, husband and father. In addition to this sexual identity and life style of transgender make them vulnerable to violence and abuse from society, clients and police (M. Collumbien et al). Rational

Transgender are one of the deprive group of the society which is neglected at the social sphere. They have faced situation of isolation stigma and hatred due to their identity crisis and role which push them to adopt sex work...

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[4] ^ Ryan, Caitlin C; Futterman, Donna (1998). Lesbian and Gay Youth: Care and Counseling. Columbia University Press. p. 49.ISBN 0-231-11191-6
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