Culture Difference in Business Negotiation

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Title:the influence of cultural difference on business negotiation 【Abstract】International business negotiation is playing a more and more important role in modem society. We can see clearly that there are great differences in international business negotiation. Specially, culture can influence negotiating styles in different ways, because negotiators who may come from another nation is different from us in language, beliefs, behaviors manners, Privacy, Food custom, time, thinking, value and attitudes and so on. Different cultures express different ways of doing business. Even though negotiators are well prepared, it is not so easy to reach a satisfactory agreement between negotiators across cultures. Negotiations can be easily broken down due to a lack of mutual understanding of the cultures. Culture affects negotiation even before negotiators meet with face to face. Therefore, learning the opponent's culture and having a good understanding of how cultural differences affect negotiation will be critically important if one wants to succeed in cross-cultural negotiations. CONTENTS

PART I Cultural Differences
     1 The difference of Privacy
     2 The difference Of Time
        3 Food practices difference
…………..and so on
PART II The reasons of the different culture
1 Value Differences
2. Political Differences
3 .Economic Differences
………..and so on
Part IV Negotiation Skills: correctly to deal with the cultural differences Part V How to negotiation and to deal with cultural differences in negotiation Part VI Conclusion

PART I Cultural Differences
Now, with the rapid development of economic globalization and the prosperity of international business, international business negotiations are a very common and important activity in the world. But during negotiation, it is all too natural that conflicts occur where both sides have different views about their own interest or culture. To be fully prepared before the negotiation, negotiators should pay attention to the cultural differences such as privacy, time, Food practices, and so on. Since culture does matter much in international negotiations, the first step is to focus on impacts of cultural differences on business negotiations. ①.The difference of Privacy

Chinese people's privacy concepts are relatively weak, but personal privacy are very importance for westerners, emphasize personal space, they are not willing to mention their own affairs. So on the issue of privacy, Chinese and westerners frequent conflicts between the two sides, such as: for the first met Chinese people often asked about each other's age, marital status, children, occupation, income and so on, Chinese people think this is an manners, but the West people think these problems are violated their privacy. ②.The difference Of Time

Westerners time concept and the money concept are close contact, time is money, they are very treasured time, in their life, they are often careful arrangements and plans the time. In the West, to visit someone, we must advance notice or agreement, and indicate the purpose of visit, time and place, to be agreed later. Generally chinese people are not same as Westerners strict accordance with the plan, Westerners often feel are not suited to this. ③.Food practices difference

The Chinese nation has a fine tradition of hospitality. For example,the enthusiasm of the Chinese people often offers their cigarettes each other. Chinese banquet, even Put all the delicious on the table, and...
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