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By: Laura Dinklage

The people2
Meeting and Greeting2
Body Language2
Communication Style2
Corporate Culture3
Dining and Entertainment3
Dress code4
Visiting a Home4

A few facts and statistics about Ireland:
The capital of Ireland is Dublin
The population is about 4,487,000 people
87,4% of Ireland are Irish, 7.5% is other white, 1,3% is Asian, 1.1% is black The religion is to 87.4% Roman Catholic, 2,9% Church of Ireland, 1.9% other Christian, and others. The government is republic and parliamentary democracy.

The language spoken in Ireland are mainly English and Irish
The people
Irish people are very interested in others. They will give their best to make visitors feel welcome in their country. Irish are hard workers, but they don’t like to be rushed, due to their un-stressful lifestyle. They have this lifestyle because it allows them to make time for their friends and family, to visit the pub, or to just chat with someone. Family is very important to the Irish. Meeting and Greeting

It is usual to shake hands and salute each other appropriate to the time of day. The handshakes should be firm. Irish also shake hands with older children, if present.
If greeting someone close, a hug is acceptable.
Keep eye contact during the greeting.
Irish move to first name basis rather fast.
Body Language
Irish are uncomfortable with public displays of affection
Irish do not like loud, aggressive and arrogant behavior.
To us known as the ‘’Peace’’ gesture or as a turned 2, is an insult in Ireland.

Communication Style
Irish like to use stories and anecdotes to communicate.
Irish appreciate modesty, and they take caution with people who are loud and tend to brag. When discussing professional achievements, it’s for the best to keep it casual and spread over several conversations. Irish have it in their culture to rather be polite, than to speak the absolute truth. When being spoken to, listen closely. A lot may be said by action rather than by words. There is tendency to use sarcasm or indirect communication, instead of saying something that might be offensive. Irish like to use expressive gestures and colorful language when watching sports. High fives are common as congratulations or if something is good.

So overall, they do not like confrontation and they prefer to avoid any conflict. They do this by being humorous and showing good manners.

Corporate Culture
In Ireland it may be important whom you know. Business starts best trough a well-connected third party. Irish are not very time-aware, and they may not be punctual for business and social meetings. Although, a foreigner should be on time for business meetings. Many Irish business people do not have business cards, so there is no offense meant when they don’t return a business card. Irish are creative and calm in a crisis. They prefer to improvise rather than to follow a structured plan. The Irish may seem to accept authority, but they have strong displeasure in it. They also do not like bureaucracy. Irish are not good in long-term planning.

In negotiations, the Irish are clever and determined.
The golf course is a important place for business in Ireland.

Dining and Entertainment
Business entertainment takes place in restaurants
Business over dinner is considered more of a social occasion, and it is a good way to build relationships. Partners may or may not be invited
At dinner, there is a small plate next to the dinner plate. This is for peelings removed from boiled potatoes. When in a private home, it is polite to eat everything served. Refusing a drink can be considered as an insult.

When there are rounds of drinks, always buy your round.
Dress code
Flashy colors, white pants and running jackets etc. do not blend in to the Irish style. A raincoat may be needed all...

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