Cultural Diversity of Ford Employees

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•Cultural Diversity
1.Defining Diversity and Its Values
2.Diversity and Globalization
•Employee Resource Groups at Ford
•Ford Diversity in the Marketplace
•Ford Dealers & Suppliers


The rise of multinational companies and increased global diversification by even small companies has resulted in people of diverse backgrounds and cultures working together in the same office or for the same organization. Conflict in such situations is predictable, but understanding the diversity issues can help companies implement programs designed to keep conflict at a minimum and to take full advantage of the many benefits which such diversity brings to an organization. Key to understanding how diversity is managed in multinational organizations is understanding the concept of corporate culture (which defines organizations), diversity programs and their use to minimize conflict among employees, and the unique problems that employees working overseas encounter. One of the biggest companies that have worked a lot on diversity is Ford Motor Organization. Ford Motor Company is an American multinational corporation and the world's second largest automaker, selling vehicles in 200 markets and with approximately 345,000 employees on six continents. Ford also is a family with a heritage of strong and clear values. One of the most essential of Ford values is their commitment to diversity and inclusion. For Ford, diversity is a means to an end. It is one of the ways the company is seeking to drive a transformation to a team-based workplace. To have meaningful relationships with customers (and other stakeholders) it is essential to have an understanding of their needs. Having a diverse workforce is one of the ways of building this capacity into the company. From the start, Henry Ford and the family of Ford employees have valued diversity. Henry Ford launched our diversity journey when he offered a $5-a-day wage in 1914. Thousands of immigrants and African-Americans flocked to Ford Company, lured by the prospect of pay that was more than double the prevailing industry standard. This revolutionary event in American business created a new middle class and established Ford as one of the first American companies to truly reflect the growing diversity of the United States.

•By as early as 1916, Ford employees represented 62 nationalities and every major world religion. •By 1919, there were enough Ford employees of Middle Eastern descent in the Detroit area to support a Muslim mosque — the first to be built in the United States. •Ford also employed more than 900 people with disabilities. We were one of the first companies to adapt work environments to their needs. •Ford first African-American salaried employee, Eugene J. Collins, was hired in 1919, despite a segregated America. •By 1920, Ford employed more African-American hourly workers than any other automotive company. •Ford first collective bargaining agreement with the United Auto Workers in 1941 was groundbreaking because it explicitly prohibited discrimination based on race, color, national origin or creed. •By 1946, gender was added to the non-discrimination clause, prompted by the entry of women into the work force during World War II. •Ford middle years produced a number of firsts, including the first African-American and female executives. •In 1967, Henry Ford II proclaimed that dealers and suppliers are valued members of the extended Ford family. •In 1969, the company's first plant forewoman was promoted. •In 2005, Ford names Anne Stevens, executive vice president and chief operating officer of The Americas. She is the highest ranking woman in the automotive industry.

Today, Ford is as diverse as the world itself, providing an exciting portfolio of cars and trucks to customers in 200 markets around the world.

.Defining Diversity and Its Values

Diversity literally means variety, and...
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