Cultural Dimensions - Hofstede - Diffuse and Specific

Topics: Culture, Value, Sociology Pages: 3 (761 words) Published: March 20, 2012
1)Give the definition and objectives of “your” cultural dimensions (what does the dimension measure? what do you want to measure? For instance : ability to work in groups, individual empowerment ... (for the individual/collective dimension).

Diffuse and Specific orientated cultures – The most apparent difference is the ability to separate private from professional life. In diffused cultures, the private and professional lives are closely linked whereas specific cultures keep them separate.

Additionally, specific cultures promote directness, precision, and transparency. Also, people from specific orientated cultures are able to remove themselves from a situation in regards to principles and values. This means that specific orientated cultures encourage objectivity.

This is in contrast with the diffuse orientated culture that is more indirect and highly subjective. Furthermore, it can be said that this culture is more informal and social-orientated.

2)Illustrate the dimension referring not only to the professional life. Describe situations in which the dimension may impact behaviors. For instance : when somebody cries in the classroom,... (for the neutral/ affective dimension).

For example, if a manager is invited to dinner by employees, in a specific-orientated culture, the manager might decline the invitation as he or she wouldn’t feel it is appropriate whereas in a diffuse orientated culture this might be seen as an opportunity to bring informality to the relationship. So in a company based in Germany, this invitation would be seen as inappropriate because Germany has a more specific culture whereas in Finland this wouldn’t necessarily be frowned upon as it is more diffuse orientated.

3)In order to measure “your” dimension among persons of different nationality, prepare a series or questions (MCQ or Yes/No type are easier to analyze).


Do you work in the same sector as your boyfriend/girlfriend? If not, would you feel...
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