Cultural Analysis of Tausug

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I. Cultural Analysis of Tausug
Culture is the social heritage which the individual receives from the group; a system of behaviour shared by members of society. The Tausug or “people of the current” classify themselves loosely as tau higad, tau gimba or tau pu. The tau higad are those living in coastal areas and consider themselves as “more advanced and civilized” than the tau gimba, who live in the regions far from the sea and centers of population and the tau pu, who are living on the islands nearby. Higad means side and also refers to a settlement near the shore. Pu means island while gimba means hinterland. *Material Culture

The Tausugs have a culture distinct in itself, a way of life which survived and flourished despite the Spaniards’ punitive actions aimed at subjugation. The Americans, with their policy of attraction, did not alter much the Tausug culture. And now the attempts of the government to bring the minorities, the Tausugs among them, into the mainstream of national culture are making the Tausugs even more conscious of preserving their identity. This identity is best seen in the material culture which the Tausugs possess today. *Characteristic of the Culture

Cumulatuve. Tausug have cultural traditions and knowledge that is stored and passed on from one generation to the next and new knowledge is constantly being added to the existing stock while information which is no longer useful is slowly discarded. *Culture as a system of Norms

The Tausugs love to be together despite the fact that in the hinterlands the houses are situated far apart. The reasons for gathering together may vary, but always the occasion is an event in man’s life cycle – birth, baptism, circumcision, marriage, death – that is made significant through some religious rites. Thus, in the seventh month of a woman’s pregnancy, a celebration is held to insure safe delivery. Another cause for a celebration is the completion of the lessons on the Koran.

For Tausug’s leadership and authority, they call their leader “sultanate.” He had an overall territorial and political power upon the whole of Sulu Archipelago, Basilan, the southern tip of Palawan with the neighboring islands and North Borneo. Prior to this, the organized communities in Jolo and the whole Sulu Archipelago were each under the rule of independent datus. They are united in common allegiance only under the Sultanate when this institution was establsihed. Tausug relationships are traced generationally and bilaterally. They have two kind of Kinship relationship: The Usba and The Waris. There is among the Tausugs the practice of sealing a friendship into a much stronger bond of brotherhood through the rite called pagsapa. One of the stages of life in the Tausug is marriage. Marriage among the Tausug is for extending kinship relation and for love and sexual satisfaction as well. Originally, love or courtship among the Tausug did not happen or if it did, it was mostly a one-sided love affair (on the man’s side), for courtship is not allowed among them. Culture Pattern

1. Speech and Language
The vocabulary of Tausug is the first vocabulary that was launched in Trilingual vocabulary together with the following languages of the Philippines: Bikol language, Cebuano, Ilocano, Pangasinan, Pampango, Hilihaynon, Waray and Tagalog and is also being used by Muslim like Maranao, Tausug, Maguindanao and all other languages in the Philippines. Tausug Dialect is Bahasa Sūg, the language spoken in the Sulu Province by the Tausug in the Philippines and other parts of Asia like Malaysia and Indonesia. 2. Material Traits

a. Food Habits - Tausug Diet. When a visitor comes to the house, it is considered a form of good manners and hospitability to offer the chewing box. The box is similar to a jewelry or trinket box and maybe a brass or silver, or just a plain basket. In it are tobacco leaves, buyo leaves, and individual containers for the tagambil, betel nut and lime. The lime is...
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