Cuban Missile Crisis Assignment

Topics: Cuban Missile Crisis, Cold War, Soviet Union Pages: 2 (1052 words) Published: May 28, 2015
Was Kennedy more responsible than Khrushchev for the Cuban Missile Crisis? (30) Kamini Masood A2
The Cuban Missiles Crisis of 1962 was perhaps one of the most dangerous and significant issues to face the international community in the twentieth century. It brought the world to the brink of nuclear war, and subsequently, the destruction of the human race. At that point in history, the global power structures were divided in two, that is, politically, the world was bipolar. On one end of the spectrum, stood the United States of America, with the young and charismatic Kennedy as President, while on the other end was the United States of Soviet Russia with the ambivalent yet shrewd Nikita Khrushchev as Premier. The actions and the decisions of both Kennedy and Khrushchev led to, heightened and assuaged the Cuban Missiles Crisis. However, certain details and analysis leads us to believe at that between the two, Khrushchev was more responsible for the Cuban Missiles Crisis than Kennedy. This essay will aim to analyze the Crisis and prove that Khrushchev was more responsible. It is perhaps quite simple, regarding the events and decisions in the Cold War, to prove that it was the irresponsibility and lack of proper statesmanship from Khrushchev’s side that allowed the Crisis to take place and heighten. Although it had been the USA’s constant hovering and hounding that pushed Fidel Castro into abandoning his policy of non-alignment and adopting Marxism-Leninism, Khrushchev’s aid and show of solidarity for his new friend and ally could have taken on a form that the US did not find as threatening to their national security. The Monroe Doctrine clearly stated that the countries of the rest of the world were not to meddle in the affairs of North and South America, hereby claiming South America as an American sphere of influence. Considering that the leadership of the US had been willing to accept that the USSR should have its own sphere of influence post-World War Two,...
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