CTPAT Training

Topics: Supply chain security, Risk, Security Pages: 10 (964 words) Published: October 9, 2013
Program Overview
Dissect the C-TPAT Security Criteria
Fundamentals of Risk Assessments

2013 Advanced C-TPAT Supply
Chain Security Training
This intensive 2-day training is geared towards training
C-TPAT Points of Contact for companies on everything
C-TPAT. Attendees will learn about the U.S. Customs –
Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program, the
benefits given to participants, the requirements, how to
conduct a global supply chain security risk assessment, how
to audit business partners, how to develop a Risk
Assessment Report, how to update the Supply Chain
Security Profile, how to develop a strong working
relationship between your company and CBP, how to
prepare for the C-TPAT Customs Validation/Re-Validation
and most importantly how to maintain your Company's
certification through regular! internal/external audits. A
number of tools will be provided.

Business Partner Audits
Annual Supply Chain Security Profile Review
C-TPAT Portal
C-TPAT Validation & Re-Validation (Audit)
Supply Chain Security Breaches & Incidents


Internal C-TPAT Task Force Members for C-TPAT

Gain a deeper understanding on the C-TPAT
Validation and Continuous Improvement processes.

Learn how to develop a supply chain security
program relevant to your business model.

Master the ability of conducting security audits of
foreign suppliers and service providers.

C-TPAT Points of Contact and Alternates

Learn about the history behind the C-TPAT program
and the benefits provided to participants who
comply with the requirements.


Certified Companies

Certified Companies with Administrative Review
or Post Incident Analysis issues

Dissect the C-TPAT Security
Examine each section of the criteria for U.S. Importers and

! Foreign Manufacturers.

Fundamentals of Risk Assessments
Discover the strategy and tools to conduct a risk
assessment of your company’s operations, supply chain,
foreign suppliers and service providers. Understand the
justification and benefits of performing a risk assessment
and the methodology behind the identification, analysis,
and evaluation of risks. Learn how to develop a detailed
Risk Assessment Report and Action Plan. Explore the postrisk assessment responsibilities.

Business Partner Audits
Learn how to audit your foreign suppliers & service
providers with the appropriate C-TPAT Security Criteria.

Annual Supply Chain Security
Profile Review
Learn how to review the Security Profile; verify compliance
with your company's existing operations and the Security
Criteria; and update the Security Profile.

C-TPAT Security Link Portal
Participants will learn how to use the C-TPAT Security Link
Portal from updating an account to responding to
Validation comments.

C-TPAT Validation / Re-Validation
Depending upon your type of Company, CBP will conduct a
C-TPAT Re-Validation to verify continued compliance with
the C-TPAT Security Criteria. Participants will learn how to prepare for the C-TPAT Re-Validation, what to expect
during the audit and most importantly tips on how to
successfully pass.

Learn how to respond to a rejection, suspension and
termination due to a variety of reasons.

Supply Chain Security Breaches
It’s not possible to eliminate all risks. Examine the
different elements of managing a supply chain security


Miami, FL

March 14-15

Chicago, IL

Miami, FL

Houston, TX

June 20-21

Atlanta, GA

July 18-19

El Paso, TX

May 23-24

April 18-19
May 2-3


Day 1

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Day 2

9:00 AM – 1:00 PM


$1,245 per person

$1,045 per person for 2 or more representatives from
the same company.





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