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Topics: Corporate social responsibility, Tata Group, Social responsibility Pages: 35 (11316 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Corporate Social Responsibility – Issues and Challenges in India with a case study of TATA GROUP Nilesh R. Berad
MET Institute of Management, Nasik
In India companies like TATA and Birla are practicing the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for decades, long before CSR become a popular basis. In spite of having such good glorious examples; In India CSR is in a very much budding stage. A lack of understanding, inadequately trained personnel, coverage, policy etc. further adds to the reach and effectiveness of CSR programs. Large no. of companies are undertaking these activities superficially and promoting/ highlighting the activities in Media. This research paper focuses on the finding & reviewing of the issues and challenges faced by CSR activities in India. In a societal structure, we have many stakeholders, one amongst them are companies or Corporate Houses. These Corporate houses are meaningfully contributing from their kitty which impact their internal stakeholders and also openhandedly support societal initiatives. In India companies like TATA and Birla are practicing the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for decades, long before CSR become a popular basis. There are many instances where corporate have played a dominant role in addressing issues of education, health, environment and livelihoods through their corporate social responsibility interventions across the country.

As per United Nations and the European Commission, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) leads to triple bottom-line: profits, protection of environment and fight for social justice. It is expected that Civil society, groups, Government and corporate sectors should work together to create appropriate means and avenues for the marginalized and bring them to the mainstream. The success of CSR lies in practicing it as a core part of a company’s development strategy. It is important for the corporate sector to identify, promote and implement successful policies and practices that achieve triple bottom-line results.1 At one end of the spectrum, CSR can be viewed simply as a collection of good citizenship activities being engaged by various organizations. At the other end, it can be a way of doing business that has significant impact on society. For this latter vision to be enacted in India, it will be necessary to build CSR into a movement. That is to say, public and private organizations will need to come together to set standards, share best practices, jointly promote CSR, and pool resources where useful. An alliance of interested stakeholders will be able to take collective action to establish CSR as an integral part of doing business – this is not a passing fad. There are more than 1,000,000 registered companies in India out of which less than 1percent companies are traded on the Indian Stock Exchange. A new Trend has started in Corporate is the establishment of special committees within the board of directors to oversee CSR activities. Groups of corporate are being encouraged to come together to promote CSR. In 2006, Europe created the European Alliance for CSR. It currently consists of 70 multinational corporate houses and 25 national partner organizations and has become a unique resource for building capability in CSR.

2. Definition of CSR
The well accepted definition of CSR is not a common term; MNC’s prefers sustainable development or sustainable business while several Indian companies talk about responsible business or Triple P (People, Planet, and Profit).

It is important to note that Indian companies and stakeholders give a broader definition of CSR then MNC and stakeholders. According to the Indian Corporate: “Sustainable development implies optimizing financial position while not depleting social and environmental aspects and CSR implies supporting issues related to children, women and environment”. These corporate refer in its definition of CSR to community development. In...

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