Csr 2010 Details of Cipla

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CSR 2010 Details of Cipla Ltd., Mumbai, Maharashtra|
Cipla Ltd. - Corporate Social Responsibility Activities are as follows |  Company Profile|
 Company's Slogan| - |
 Company's Vision| - |
 Company's Mission| - |
 Special Notes| As in the past, Cipla has made a special effort to produce this report at a low cost, without compromising its quality or contents leading to a saving of Rs 41 lakhs. This amount has been donated to Cipla Public Charitable Trust. | |

 Company Type| Private Sector |
 Industry Sector| Pharmaceuticals |
 Products / Services| 1. Amoxycillin
2. Salmeterol
3. Ciprofloxacin|
 No. of employees| Not Disclosed |
 Other locations of factories / offices| Plant Locations: Bengaluru (Karnataka), Raigad (Maharashtra), Daund (Maharashtra), Salcette (Goa), Baddi (Himachal Pradesh), Rangpoo (Sikkim), Dhar (Madhya Pradesh) | |

 Financial result for time period| April 2009 - March 2010 |    - Sales| Rs. 5713 Crores |
   - Profit before tax| Rs. 1326 Crores |
   - Net profit after tax| Rs. 1083 Crores |
   - CSR Budget| Not Disclosed |
   - Remuneration of MD/CEO| Rs. 13 Crores |
 CSR Activities|
 Trust / Foundation for CSR| Cipla Public Charitable Trust | |
 CSR Areas| 1. Community Welfare
2. Healthcare|
 Three main CSR activities| 1. Palliative Care Centre
2. Training in Palliative Care|
 Publish Sustainability Report| No |
 CSR activities in brief | CSR information mentioned in the annual report, is same as the previous year.


The Cipla Palliative Care and Training Centre in Pune continues to provide care to terminally ill cancer patients. As of date, the Centre has provided comfort and solace to more than 6000 patients. The focus is on reaching out to more and more cancer patients who need palliative care and on integrating palliative medicine with curative therapy.

In addition, the Company continued to support the promotion of education and community welfare, both directly and through its charitable trusts.

As regards environment care, the Company continued to maintain modern, well-designed effluent treatment plants at its factories. Treated water from these “zero discharge” facilities is used for maintaining a green belt at all the locations. The Company regularly undertakes various innovative measures to conserve energy, reduce wastage and optimize consumption. -----------------------------------------------------------------------

CSR information mentioned as on 12/1/2011 on the website is the same as the previous year.



Dr. K. A. Hamied Institute

The science of taking care of the terminally ill through palliative care does not yet form part of the medical curriculum in our country. Although there are a few institutions doing some very good work, the task ahead is enormous, considering that cancer alone adds seven lakh terminal patients every year. If one were to count the unfortunate victims of other diseases too, the magnitude of the problem will become a little more apparent. While a lot remains to be done to reach even basic curative care to millions, extending palliative care is an even more complex task.One way to begin is to try and teach palliative care to as many doctors, nursing personnel and socio-medical workers from all over the country. This is the primary aim behind The Dr K A Hamied Institute for Education and Research in Palliative Care Science set up by the Cipla Foundation.The Institute was inaugurated on October 31, 1998, the birth centenary year of Dr K A Hamied, the founder of Cipla Ltd. Dr V D Karad, well known educationalist and UNESCO Chair Holder for Peace, Democracy and Human Rights, unveiled an artist's perspective of the proposed Institute building to...
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