Crown Furniture

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1. WHY CHOOSING CROWN FURNITURE? -------------------------------------------------- 2 2. COMPANY HISTORY ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 3. MAIN OBJECTIVES & GROWING PLANS -------------------------------------------------- 2 4. KEY STRATEGIC ASSET TO CROWN FURNITURE SUCCESS ----------------------- 3 5. CROWN FURNITURE’S PRODUCTS HAVE COVERED --------------------------------- 3 6. HQ MANAGER’S & OUTLET MANAGER’S BACKGROUND -------------------------- 4 7. SALES FORCE STRATEGY --------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 8. SALES TARGET FOR EMPLOYEES ---------------------------------------------------------- 4 9. TRANING PROGRAM --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 10. RESPONSIBILITY --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 11. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP ------------------------------------------------------------------ 6 12. CRITICISM ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 13. REFERENCES -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7

CROWN FURNITURE was established for 20 years which is from 1990 with the objective of producing Functional, Modern, Contemporary, Affordable, and High Quality products. Crown Furniture produce Audio Visual Rack with State-of-The Art production facilities giving consumer the Best Product at the most affordable prices with taste of Luxury and Style while adding Comfortable and Convenience to the utilization of customer’s equipments. COMPANY HISTORY

Crown Furniture is the brand of BJ Cabinet Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. which is founded by AZ Klang Home Décor Sdn. Bhd. Crown Furniture establish retail outlet in Klang with their first or origin territories since 2004. MAIN OBJECTIVES & GROWING PLANS

Other than to producing Functional, Modern, Contemporary, Affordable, and High Quality products to meet consumer needs and selling customer solution rather than selling product or services. Crown Furniture will also set the main objective to be one of the three in one companies in Malaysia furniture industry which is with manufacture, retail and whole sale. Crown furniture new growing plan is expand from 6 to 30 outlets branch in Malaysia and try to develop new local product market such as double wood and leather sofa for Crown furniture and also to make sure the companies well known in the furniture’s industry. For the newest news, another outlet branch will be launch in Puchong in next two month.

Sales force is definitely a main key strategic asset to a company to success. Sales force is the one who create trust to customer and build customer lifetime value, without sales force, company can’t generate profit, generate customer, and generate sales. Overall to explain, company or firm can’t survive without sales force. CROWN FURNITURE’S PRODUCTS HAVE COVERED

Algeria Congo Australia Lebanon Kuwait

Angola Croatia Cyprus Kingdom of Bahrain Yemen

Argentina Ecuador Djibouti Bosnia & Herzegovina

France Egypt India Jamaica Kenya Trinidad

Madagascar Malaysia Maldives Morocco Nepal

New Zealand Norway Philippines Portugal Reunion

SerbiaSingaporeSouth AfricaSri LankaTogo

As the outlet manager, he finished his education level at college until diploma. His first job was being sales executives and he spends 3 years on that before turn into indoor sales. So far now, he already has 10 years working experience in this business field and now handles almost 40 staff. For the HQ manager, he had done his business diploma before turn into the sales executive in the last 8 years ago and currently handles 12...

References: 1. Sales Management- Concepts and Cases-Tenth Edition, William L. Cron & Thomas E. Decarlo, John Wiley & Sons Inc. 2010.
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