Cross Cultural Influence of Global Business

Topics: Organizational culture, Culture, Globalization Pages: 11 (3196 words) Published: September 24, 2010
| Cross cultural influence of global business | |  | |Contents | |1. Introduction | |2. Reed Elsevier | |3. The emergence of a company culture | |4. Products of a company culture | |5. Transference of a company culture | |6. Leadership and Structure | |7. Types of corporate culture | |8. Analysis of values | |9. Future projection | |10. Conclusion | |11. Bibliography | | | |1.0 Introduction | |Culture is a term that encompasses areas of human activity and interest. It is ‘The integration pattern of human behaviour that includes thoughts, communications, actions, customs, beliefs, values and | |institutions of a race, ethnic, religious or social group.’1 | |If cultural settings are misunderstood or ignored in different regions, then the risk of failure to a business is enormous. In this age of the...
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