Crooks of mice and men

Topics: Man, Of Mice and Men, Guy Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: October 7, 2014
Aisha Shah 10W 26th March 2014

GSCE ‘English Language’ Controlled Assessment
Unit 3b – Producing Creative Texts
Re-creations – Taking a text and turning it into another

Write a monologue using a chosen character from “Of Mice and Men”. Crooks
I like the new guys. George is a nice fella, an’ so is Lennie. Lennie is the only fella’ I have power over in this ranch, and I like it because imma’ black guy and he’s a white guy. Like the other night when all the boys went to town and it were just me and Lennie. I said “s’pose George went into town tonight and you never heard of him no more”. I could tell that the doubt was too much for him to handle. I felt bad but I felt good at the same time, but straight after that it went back to normal; me being the powerless lonely guy. Loneliness is a disease. It eats away at people slowly, gradually tearing them limb from limb and it is turning me insane. I like having a room of my own, even though I have no choice too. Me and my possessions. If any of the men touch my thing, I swear imma kill em’. My only things I got in this lonely own life of mine. Things I’ve collected up from the many years I’ve been on this ranch. My favourite is my book, California Civil Code cus’ I’m concerned bout’ my rights and I love to read when I gotta bit of spare time on my hands. I’ve always been interested in education, cus’ im a clever man, but my old man had a chicken ranch and I wanna follow his footsteps. Do him proud cus’ he never had the rights he deserved either. One day imma’ change this world. Imma’ fight for black people’s rights. One thing I hate on this ranch is Curley’s wife. She is a trouble maker. She is nothing but a whore. She said the other day how she can get me hung on the next tree. She thinks she has more power than me because of my skin colour, yet she is so powerless she doesn’t even have a name...
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