Critical Thinking of Ethics

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Critical thinking of Ethics

Ethics is not an esoteric philosophical discipline, but is simply the practical process of turning your mind to dong what is right. Ethical reasoning is the intellectual process by which you apply your reason to your conduct to make decisions that accord with your particular beliefs. It is really significant for every organization to deal with issues with customs when doing business activities. In the following paragraphs, I will describe what the characteristics and behaviors are good or bad ethics to a person as an example, and how could the types of decisions and actions this person engaged in should be encouraged in a workplace?

When business people talk about “business ethics”, it should contains three main points: (1) must obey the criminal law in some work-related activities; (2) avoid action that may result in civil law suits against business activities; (3) avoid personal behaviors that bad for customers, competitors, subordinates and suppliers. Doing business should especially concern with these three principles since they involve loss of money and company reputation. In theory, a business could declare these three concerns by assigning corporate attorneys and public relations experts to escort employees on their daily activities. Anytime an employee might stray from the straight and narrow path of acceptable conduct, the experts would guide him back. Obviously this solution would be a financial disaster if carried out in practice since it would cost a business more in attorney and public relations fees than they would save from proper employee conduct. Perhaps reluctantly, businesses turn to philosophers to instruct employees on becoming “moral.” For over 2,000 years philosophers have systematically announced the issue of right and wrong conduct. Presumably, then, philosophers can teach employees a basic understanding of morality will help them away from trouble. However, it is hard to teach everyone to be ethical. The...
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