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Critical thinking, writing and reading have much importance in your education and these techniques are about to discuses can help you improve in these areas. Some of the benefits of learning how to critical think is that it are an active skill that seeks clarity, credibility; accuracy and significance that will help you in understand a text or reading. There are many techniques for critical thinking but here are some of them... Clarify state one point at a time. Elaborate and give examples. Another one is be accurate be sure you check your facts, Be relevant stick to the main point pay attention to how each idea is connected to the main idea. Finally empathize try to see things from your opponent perspective. Some of the techniques for critical reading is previewing learn about the text before reading it. Previewing helps readers to get sense of what the text is about and how it is organize before reading it closely this can help you see what you can learn for the head notes. Another is contextualizing which is placing a text in its historical, biographical and cultural context. Which mean when reading the text read through the lens of your own experience? And last question the text so you can understand it and remember it. Last are the techniques of critical writing. Your critical writing depends of your reading they both go hand in hand. Some of the techniques are that when you critical write you need to do some critical reading for sources that’s going to help you make an argument. The judgments and interpretations you make of the text will help you formulate your approach on what you write about. In Conclusion these skills of critical thinking, writing and reading can help you improve in your classes.
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