Topics: Criminology, Sociology, Crime Pages: 3 (1106 words) Published: March 9, 2015
Critically discuss the contention that criminology is “the study of the causes of crime”.

Nowadays, it is easy to find crime news in the newspaper. The number of crime increase year by year because of the complexity of society. Crime is a contest word. There are various definitions in different perspective such as Crime is the behavior prohibited by the criminal code in legal perspective (Walklate, 2011). Early criminologists aimed to develop more rational and efficient ways of dealing with crime which is called “criminological project” (Croall, 2011). Criminology is to investigate the cause of crime. Therefore, I agree with the contention in the high extent of degree. However, criminology is a diverse discipline characterized by comparing theoretical perspectives which means it is multidisciplinary (Walklate, 2007; Walklate, 2011). It involves a lot of disciplinary such as psychology, politics, economic, sociology and so on. Therefore, there is wide study for the criminologists to investigate crime. In this essay, I would like to discuss four main subjects that we need to study in criminology: analyses the cause of crime, crime prevention, explore the media presentation of crime and understand the formation and application of law (Walklate, 2011). In the early stage, criminology could be classified into two types: Classical criminology and Positivist criminology (Walklate, 2007). Classical Criminology is an assumption of how individual commit crime. The key presumption is that individuals have free will so that they can choose to violate upon the society. For instance, someone steal or kill someone is to reach their self-interested goal. Because of the hedonism, they pursue of the maximization of pleasure and the minimization of pain (WiseGeek, 2007); Positivist criminology contend that criminal behavior is caused by internal and external factors which is not controlled by the individuals. It usually used to consult a scientific agreement to collect the...
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