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Topics: Trial court, Criminal law, Appeal Pages: 4 (802 words) Published: October 4, 2011
U. S. vs Rivera
GR No. 16443
March 21, 1921

When Leona Laciste endeavored to set fire to the house of Martina Rivera in which 2 children of the latter were sleeping, the two women grappled and Leona Laciste was boloed to death by Martina Rivera. As a result, a criminal prosecution for murder was initiated in the Court of First Instance on La Union.

Guilty of Homicide.

Whether or not Martina Rivera is guilty of homicide.

Judgment of the Court of First Instance is affirmed, with modification. The accused proceeded beyond the limits of immunity when, after the assailant was out of the house and prostate on the ground, she persisted in wounding her no less than fourteen times.

People of the Philippines vs Juan Alabas
GR No. 14218-B
February 15, 1956

On September 29, 1952, Pantaleon Garcia, a municipal jail detainee informed the chief of police that Juan Abalas was holding an unlicensed firearm. Thereupon, the chief of police ordered Corporal Silvino Pararuan and Patrolman Juan Lastimosa to proceed to Narvacan. The appellant initially denied having possession of the firearm. However, upon being informed that somebody reported that he had in his possession an unlicensed firearm, the appellant admitted that he was really keeping a firearm given by former barrio lieutenant Pantaleon Garcia. Appellant was later taken to the municipal building, where the appellant expressly and voluntarily admitted that he received a gun from Pantaleon Garcia and then hid it by burying the can containing it. Appellant insists on his acquittal for the sole reason that he delivered the gun to barrio lieutenant Pedro Arenas when he announced “that anyone who is concealing firearms should surrender so that they will not be penalized.” This fact was denied by the prosecution.

Guilty of Illegal Possession of Firearm.

Whether or not the...
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