Crime Relate on Television

Topics: Television, Crime, Media violence research Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: November 5, 2012
Crime relate On Television
The crime rate in many cities is rising alarmingly. Some people have the idea that violent TV programs are the cause of real crime. However, many others disagree that TV violence can be blame are supported by good reasons. Violent TV programs cause crime give many reasons. First, many viewers are children who have not fromed a strong understanding what is right and wrong. The viewers imitate what they see. If a person on TV gets what he or she wants by stealing it, a child may copy this behavior. Thus the child has learned unacceptable values. Second, many heroes in today's programs achieve their goals by violent means. Unfortunately, viewers might use similar means to achieve their objective. Finally, people get ideas about how to commit crimes from watching TV. Violent programs have no relation to crime rates. First they claim that social factors, such as unemployment and homeless are to blame. Second some argue that watching violence on TV is an aceptable way to reduce aggressive feeling. In other words, people may become less aggressive through viewing criminal and violent scenes. Third even though children learn by imitation, their parents are the most influential models. Finally the villains are usually punished for their crimes. Whether or not violent programs are a factor in the rising crime rate. Some TV programs have to remove for the following reasons. First, some people enjoy them, and those who can change channels or turn their TV off. Second violent programs can be censored, perhaps other programs which may be important for our well being will also be censored. There are many things parents can do to help their children not get affect by television violence. One of the things parents can do is limit the number of hours their children watch television. Instead of letting them sit in front of the TV and wasting their time way, they can go out and be active. They can join a club or sport where they can interact with other...
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