Crime and Its Relation to Poverty

Topics: Crime, Gang, Criminology Pages: 3 (1014 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Haime Hurrissa
04th – 03 – 13
Dr. Lydia Balderamos Loskot
English Composition (ENGL 101)

Does Poverty have a direct relationship to crime?

Poverty is defined by the Webster dictionary as “the state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions”. Poverty is the root cause for spikes in criminal activities in Belize, due to crime, lack of education and drugs. Many argue that poverty does not have a relationship to crime because there are countries where poverty levels are high but crime is relatively low. Belize has been infested with an outbreak of crime and violence affecting the country by bringing fear into both tourists and us Belizean presently; it appeared to be at its peak last year. The reason for the infestation of the criminals are many but the principal and most evident of them all would be the increasing rate of poverty that Belize has been experiencing, In addition to this would be the high rate of unemployment that exists in our society brought about by lack of education. This causes some individuals to see no other means to survival but to resort to their last alternative, crime. Some may argue that the cause for crime is due to psychology of criminals, their mental state or drugs. Crime in its simplest term is defines as any act that defies constitutional law and is separated into two main categories: a minor offence which as referred to as misdemeanors and serious acts which as referred to as felonies. A crime can range from simple offences such as public drinking to murder which is considered to be one of the most serious of crimes which claimed one hundred and twelve (112) lives in 2011 according to the annual police release statistics report. It is important to note that not all crime is related to poverty, although there are many who see crime as a means of survival. There are others who indulge in criminal acts simply for fun and pleasere, such as members of color gangs, mainly Crips...
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