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Cricket (game), a high-scoring outdoor bat-and-ball game played between teams of 11 players that originated in England over 500 years ago. A team sport exceeded in popularity worldwide only by soccer and basketball, cricket can be found in over 120 countries. The game has been played in the United States since the early 18th century.


Cricket Basics

Cricket Bowler Bob Willis
Cricket Pitch

Cricket Bowler Bob Willis
There are four main categories of cricket bowlers: fast, fast-medium, slow-medium, and slow. English cricketer Bob Willis, one of the best fast bowlers in modern cricket, is shown a second before the ball is bowled. Encarta Encyclopedia


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Cricket Pitch
In a cricket match, the bowler and the batsman face each other across a rectangular area called a pitch, located in the center of the field. The pitch is marked by lines called creases, and at each end it contains a wicket. Each wicket consists of three stumps, with two strips of wood lying across them, placed end to end in grooves. Encarta Encyclopedia

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A cricket ball is about the same size as a baseball, made of alternating layers of cork and wool and covered by either red or white leather. It cannot weigh less than 156 g (5.5 oz) or more than 163 g (5.75 oz) and cannot be larger than 23 cm (9 in) in circumference. The cricket bat is long and flat, made of willow, and is fitted with a cane handle with a rubber grip. It cannot be longer than 97 cm (38 in) or wider than 11.5 cm (4.5 in), though it can be any weight. The only fielder in cricket allowed to wear gloves is the wicket-keeper (the “catcher” in cricket), who wears two large, shallow-pocketed leather gloves.

Cricket in India
Cricket is played in...
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