Creative Thinking Metaphors, Natural/Mental Orders

Topics: Hurricane Katrina, Water, Boiling Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: November 7, 2010
Wee 2
Creative Thinking
Part 1

There was a heck of a jam in the parking lot| She was left out in the cold| There is a mountain of papers on my desk| The play, “Cats”, singing made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. | You can’t see the forest for the trees| She was roaring hot| The chair was as squeaky as a mouse| The movie scared the crap out of me| Being at the beach is just as peaceful as a flowing meadow| He was a heck of a gambler| The gym smelled of worn socks and corn chips.| The documentary of hurricane Katrina victims being treated like a cold, dead fish. | That snow was as high as a mountain| Lived life on the edge| Your room looks like a tornado hit it.| The eyes sparkle like the moon.| He was driving like a bat out of hell.| Eating so fast, where’s the fire| | | | She’s as sharp as a tack| | |

Part 2
Natural/Mental Orders
Natural ORDERMental ORDER
Topical order/Natural place: 1. To make a dress-Buy a dress pattern, pick out a material, sewing machine, needle and thread. 2. Purchase a seedling plant-buy a plant, dirt, & pot. | Logical order: Degree goal-high school diploma, college, university, PHD, doctorate. | Analogical order: 1. Robot animals that look like real animals and cloned animals. 2. Bats, mice and rats are from the same rodent family.| Scientific order with 4 steps: Observation/senses, Hypothesis/creativity, Experimentation/action, Validation/evaluationObservation/senses| Chronological order: 1. Birth to old age-born, toddler, young child, adolescents, young adult, middle adult, older adult, senior. 2. Boiling spaghetti-pot with boiling water for noodles, measure noodles for the amount to feed, 1 tsp olive oil and 1 tsp of salt, once water starts to boil add ingredraients to boiling water. Stir constantly until noodles become limp. Once noodles are done rinse in cold water then reheat and serve.| Hypothesis/creativity|...
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