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Creating a Poetry Anthology

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English 1H Embedded Assessment
Creating a Poetry Anthology

Your assignment is to create a poetry anthology that includes the following: ✓ Cover with unique title and colorful illustration ✓ Table of contents ✓ Introduction (brief autobiography that explains what the reader needs to know about you to better understand your poems) ✓ Eight original poems with colorful illustrations and annotation (Mark the text, identify poetic devices, and explain the intended effect.) ✓ Reflection - Explain your favorite poems. (Discuss the style and form used, the intended effect on the reader, and how you designed your poems to accomplish this.)

The eight poems are original poems based on poems we have studied in class.

1.”Some Like Poetry” (handout) Your poem will be titled Some Like_______
(You fill in the blank.) Your poem will have three stanzas. Stanza one begins with “Some.” Stanza two begins with “Like.” Stanza three begins with the word you used to fill in the blank. Be sure to use poetic devices that emphasize how strongly you feel about the subject of this poem.

2. “Meeting at Night” (handout) Write a romantic poem that is full of rich imagery. The imagery should create the romantic mood. You will, of course, use other poetic devices as well.

3. “Tarantulas on a Life Buoy” (handout) Write a poem about some aspect of nature that most people find frightening but you find intriguing. Use appropriate poetic devices to create the intended effect.

4. Nikki Rosa” SB p. 209 Write a catalog poem. This poem will use a list-like structure of child experiences that reveal who you are as a person. You will need to use powerful images and other poetic devices that provide insight into your character. You may opt to write a song.

5. Random Autobiography (Handout) Write your life story. Begin with your birth. Than let one memory spark another as you tell your story in random order. End with present day. Once again, use a variety of poetic devices.

6. “Fast Break” SB p. 214. Write an action-oriented poem with specialized diction. Use the list you generated in class to write this poem.

7. “Identity” SB p. 217/ “Mother to Son” (Handout) Write a poem with an extended metaphor (one that is developed throughout the entire poem).

8. “Sonnet 18” SB p. 225 This poem must follow the structure of a Shakespearean sonnet. A sonnet is a fourteen-line poem with the following rhyme scheme: ABAB/CDCD/EFEF/GG (three quatrains and a couplet) and uses iambic pentameter (10 syllables per line - an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable).

As you revisit and revise the poems you have written during this unit, be sure you have done the following:

• Title each poem. kicked • Divide each poem into stanzas. • Punctuate each poem the way you want it read. • Use a variety of poetic devices in addition to the ones that particular poem requires. • Illustrate ( pictures or drawings) each poem. • Text mark each poem. (Underline or highlight and number the poetic devices.) • Annotate each poem on a separate page. (Identify and explain the poetic devices and intended effect of each. Number these to match the poetic devices.)



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