Create a leadership strategy that supports organizational direction

Topics: Management, Leadership, Theory Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: April 18, 2015
2.2 Create a leadership strategy that supports organizational direction

Organizations need leadership strategies in order to create confidence for employees and other stakeholders that there is a clear direction in which the organization aims to head. Understanding leadership culture is the first stage to creating an effective leadership strategy; the next step is to assess the relationship between staff and their leaders and bring emotional intelligence into play, this will become a necessity for leaders in creating their strategies (Gordon n.d). The retail store Diamond relies on different leadership and management theories but the selected theory of discussion is the Open Systems Theory. The impacts of different theories of management and leadership used within the retail industry is countless. A retail company like Diamond utilizes multiple theories in order to achieve their organizational goal but the dominating theory is the Systems Theory. Setting strategies relies on a time frame, and as such elements and resources must be allotted within the set time. The preeminent strategy that supports organizational direction is recognizing the culture which Diamond operates and the dominant leadership style. The Open Systems Theory allows managers to examine patterns and events in the workplace and will be helpful in coordinating agendas to work as a group for the complete goal or mission of the business rather than for insulated departments in achieving the organizational goals and keeping progress on track (Hawthorne 2015). This allows Diamond to manage and control its budget and will make a considerable amount of profit for the organization. Leaders who rely on emotional intelligence will take into account the feelings and needs of the staff and other stakeholders within Diamond. Being compassionate to staff and stakeholder allows the leader to connect with and grow a relationship throughout the organization, thus creating synergy. The leader can make an...
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