Crash Course World History: Atlantic Slave Trade Summary

Topics: Caribbean, Slavery, Africa Pages: 1 (279 words) Published: December 19, 2013
In this lecture I leaned about the Atlantic slave trade. Specifically how brutal the conditions on the sugar plantations slaves had to work on in Brazil were. They worked long and tedious hours. Almost 14 hours a day filled with back breaking labor. Since the labor was difficult, many slaves died at a young age thus slaves being imported to the Americas increased.

Where did the idea of slavery come from? Slavery in the Atlantic was a combination of ideas past empires in Eurasia believed in. The idea of slavery went all the way back to the Romans when they believed that certain races were meant to serve others and gradually over time, prisoners of war became slaves. More specifically the prisoners of war in Africa got traded to the Europeans and sold to plantation owners in the Americas.

This lecture can be related to bullying and the way bullying, like slavery, is morally wrong and that it makes people who are on the receiving end seem as though they are less than human. What bullying and slavery does is dehumanizes the person or race that the act is done upon. They are treated as though they are dirt. In no way is this ever going to be right and it has to be put to an end. Slavery has reached the end of its course, but when will bullying?

Bullying will never never be right. People should do more to put an end to the increased bullying. Whether it is cyber bullying or physically in person, people should realize that is it not right to make people feel as though they have a lower status than any other person.
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