Craig Kielburger

Topics: Craig Kielburger, Free the Children, Child activists Pages: 3 (1123 words) Published: June 5, 2013
Anna and Alli A Voice for the Silenced April 30th 2012 For generations society has silenced and exploited children, deeming them better seen and not heard. However, one boy motivated by a heart of passion broke the silence and changed the world. Twelve year old Craig Kielburger sparked a wave of change in the hearts of society members. In the year 1995, young Kielburger read a newspaper article about a Pakistani child activist who had been murdered because of his campaign. Angered by the injustice, Kielburger founded Free the Children in hopes to be the voice for children who can’t stand up for themselves. Since then, Free the Children has gone from a twenty person club, to an organization operating around the world. Free the Children is a non-profit organization that focuses on liberating children around the globe from abuse and exploitation. Furthermore, they empower youth throughout the world to make advantageous changes in their society. Undoubtedly, Craig Kielburger has led Free the Children to be the world renowned organization that it is today. Similar to Ralph from Lord of the Flies, Kielburger is passionate about helping others. More specifically, Ralph's passion was trying to find rescue for all of the boys on the island, while Kielburger's passion was helping children around the globe regain a voice. They were both able to use these assets to be powerful leaders and guide others to a brighter future. Craig Kielburger’s passion and motivation to see change in global youth empowerment has influenced society to assist him along the way. Allowing him to accomplish many admirable things throughout his life, Craig Kielburger’s passion has been nothing but extraordinary. Primarily, Kielburger’s passion noticeably touched audiences through his speeches. Because he spoke from his heart and delivered with emotion, Kielburger received a gold medal for his speech “What it Means to be a Winner” at age eleven (Pezzi 16).Secondly, Kielburger’s...

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