Courtly Love

Topics: Utopia, Thomas More, Suicide Pages: 2 (712 words) Published: December 16, 2013
Utopia: Suicide and Euthanasia

Utopia by Sir Thomas More portrays similar and different ways the society of today manages suicide and euthanasia. Some of the similarities that will be considered are as follows: helping the terminally ill pass comfortably, encouraging the terminally ill to quit their suffering and move on, and having the ill cared for that can be cured. The difference that will be considered is that of how suicide is seen in the utopian society versus that of today’s society.

To start with, today’s society and the utopian society are similar by taking care of the sick, and helping individuals become cured. Utopia society tried to help cure the sick, and kept them stable until they were healed. More states, “As I said before, the sick are carefully tended, and nothing is neglected in the way of medicine or diet which might cure them.”(624). In today’s society, there are doctor’s offices and hospitals that help do the same as the utopian society. Doctor’s prescribe medications, and staff at the hospital helps individuals until they are healthier.

Encouraging the terminally ill to end their suffering and move on is practiced in both the utopian society and today’s society. The individuals in both societies still receive treatment and care. More states, “Everything possible is done to mitigate the pain of those who are suffering from incurable diseases; and visitors do their best to console them by sitting and talking with them.”(624). Utopian society tried to encourage the terminally ill to end their suffering through priest and public officials. More states, “But if the disease is not only incurable but excruciatingly and constantly painful, then the priest and public officials come and urge the invalid not to endure such agony any longer.”(624). In today’s society, doctors in the hospital and hospice do the same in encouraging terminally ill to move on and not suffer anymore. Doctor’s encourage individuals to consider becoming DNR, or...
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