Court Visit

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Date of court visit: 25 October 2010. Court name: Snaresbrook Crown court.
Courtroom visited: court 1.
Judge: T. Lamb QC. (Queen’s Counsel)
Name of case viewed: Trial part heard; Remo Rossi. (Rape of a juvenile family member).
Representation: V.Girling QC (Instructed by L.Lewis solicitors) for the defendant. G.Reece QC (Instructed by the Crown Prosecution Service) for the Crown.

On Monday the 25th of October 2010, I attended Snaresbrook Crown court at court 1 which was hearing a case on a rape of a juvenile family member.
The defendant, Mr Rossi was charged at section 42 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003.
As in any criminal proceedings, the use of the language was very formal. The defendant Mr Rossi who was inside the court sitting in the dock, was being defended by barrister V.Girling QC, where barrister G. Reece was on the prosecution side representing the juvenile who was not physically inside the court but was followed in via TV link.
The twelve members of the jury were brought in by order of the judge who instructed the usher to allow them in via the near side door.
The defence argued on the fact that the juvenile was not a family member although Mr Rossi believed to be her step father. Their argument was merely based on the fact that the child was not adopted. Although the judge has firmly refuted the argument.
The defence barrister also argued on the good character evidence of their client to be taken into consideration and request this to the judge to take it on board when referring to the jury for their deliberations.

With the Sexual Offences Acts 2003 which also strengthen the monitoring of offenders on the sex offenders register.
The Act will mean:
Sex with twelve years- old and under, will automatically be charged as rape which carries a maximum sentence of life;
Clarification of the Law on consenting regard to rape and the extension of the definition of rape;
A new grooming offence with a ten years maximum jail

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