Cosmetic Surgery

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Cosmetic Surgery
All types of cosmetic surgeries are on the rise. Young people and old people around the world are having all types of cosmetic procedure done at some point in their lives. The media portrays beauty in a certain way, which causes people to feel pressured to look a certain way. Why else would a person decide to go under the knife? Even people with medical conditions or some type of disfiguration want to be accepted in society and be normal without being judged because of their physical appearances. Although some people argue cosmetic surgery has many risks, including pain, it can also benefit how people feel about themselves, such as confidence, and it can change how they interact with people. In addition, people should be able to change their appearance if they want to. Cosmetic surgery can improve a person’s physical appearance. There are many reasons why a person might want to get plastic surgery. It always begins with a personal insecurity. Some people have bigger nose’s, ear’s, or lip’s than other’s and for that reason they may decide to reconstruct whatever body part they don’t like with cosmetic surgery. As a doctor shares his opinion by stating that: “Being called Dumbo because his ears stick out or Pinocchio if her nose is too big can crush anybody’s self esteem” (Winkler 23). I don’t think anyone would like to be laughed at because of how they were born. Older people who want to look younger can simply get Botox injections to reduce the wrinkles in their face, making them look more rejuvenated and young. Botox has become very popular amongst the older crowd’s. Jane Friedman mentions on her research Cosmetic surgery how “In just a few years, Botox, made from purified toxins has become the 21st-centurys fountain of youth”. In other words people who want to look younger simply turn to Botox for a younger look. In addition, many people who are born with defects decide to get plastic surgery. According to The American Board of Plastic Surgery “Plastic surgery deals with the repair, reconstruction, or replacement of physical defects of form or function involving the skin, musculoskeletal system, craniomaxillofacial structures, hand, extremities, breast and trunk, external genitalia or cosmetic enhancement of these areas of the body… The plastic surgeon uses cosmetic surgical principles both to improve overall appearance and to optimize the outcome of reconstructive procedures“. There are many defects that a person might want to change, including ear deformities, CLEP lips, scars from traumatic accidents, burns, or dog bites. Also, breast cancer may sometimes cause the person to lose one of their breasts, leading them to get cosmetic surgery. These people benefit the most from cosmetic surgery and being able to enhance their appearance in order to fit in with society. Also, many people who lost a tremendous amount of weight would get cosmetic surgery to have the extra skin removed. This will allow people to be more comfortable in their own skin and to feel proud about losing weight. Cosmetic Surgery will certainly change a person’s life for the better, may it be to feel more confident or to just simply make them selves more appealing. There are many other matters that may take a toll in a person’s physical appearance. For example: childbirth or skin damages due to the sun or acne. Females who have given birth and find themselves unattractive may consider liposuction and breast augmentation in order to get their pre-pregnancy bodies back. Many famous actresses are likely to want to recover their looks from when they first started their careers this can result in them getting cosmetic surgery to achieve their youthful looks back. As Maurean Down quotes in the New York Times “Actresses are caught in a cosmetic catch, they must look young to get juice roles, so they do botox” (1). The physical appearances of famous people are a big reason why so many young non-famous people want to have cosmetic surgery....

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