Corruption in Indonesia

Topics: Global Competitiveness Report, World Economic Forum, Per capita income Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: December 3, 2008
Corruption in Indonesia

Indonesia that has been considered as one of the corrupted country in Asia and the world because of the corruption in Indonesia is something that becomes a habitual. Indonesia have corruption opinion index 2.6 from 10. These index makes us in the position 143 from 179 investigate country. Other investigation that use to test Indonesia capabilities which is: business easiness indicator by World Bank show us Indonesia need 12 procedures, 151 days or working and 130.7% cost of per capita income. If we look at South Korea with the same 12 procedures it took only 22 days and 17.7% cost of per capita income. PERC (Political and Economic Risk Consultancy) give Indonesia 8.03 of 10 that makes Indonesia the second corrupted country in Asia. The Global Competitiveness Index from WEF (World Economic Forum) gives Indonesia 4.26 that put Indonesia in rank 50 that show how competitive Indonesia to the world.

Corruption is treachery that was done by government employee to the people of the country that have given their trust to runs the administration. Corruption in Indonesia is not the major problems that need to be solved but the effect that caused by corruption makes it the major caused. Corruption has become one of the problems that happen in almost all aspect of this country especially that related to government. From the little scope such as making an identity card to the bonus to the government officer because of his/her help in the success of one company win the project from the government.

Because of the problem that cause by corruption, the government make a security system beside the police to investigate it. There for Anti-Corruption Commission (komisi anti korupsi / komisi pemberantasan korupsi) form. Anti-Corruption Commission is government institution in it duty and authority were independent and free from any influence. This institution was form and work based on UU 30/2002 about eliminating the corruption. Anti-Corruption...
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